See Our Membership Requirements and Fees

Regular Member - You may qualify for election as a Regular Member if you:

  • reside in the US Virgin Islands the majority of the year
  • hold a masters or doctoral degree in Psychology (or in a program which is primarily
    psychological in content
  • have the degree from a regionally accredited graduate or professional school
    (or accreditation may have been received within 5 years of the degree)
    Equivalent degrees from outside the U.S. will be accepted.

NOTE: A regionally accredited school is defined as one that is fully accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting body in the Directory of Postsecondary Education or one that is listed in the APA Graduate Study in Psychology and Associated Fields. Non-U.S. degrees must be listed in an equivalent international directory.

Affiliate Member - You may qualify for election as an Affiliate Member if you have the degree requirements as described under "Regular Member" but you do not reside in the U.S. Virgin Islands for the majority of the year. Affiliate members are non-voting.

Student Member - You may qualify for a Student Membership if you are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate regionally accredited program leading to a degree in psychology. Student members are non-voting.

Documentation Needed

One of the following documents is necessary for you to qualify for Regular or Affiliate Membership:

  • Proof of American Psychological Association (APA) membership (Member or Associate)
  • Photocopy of Masters or Doctoral degree from a regionally accredited school or department of Psychology
  • Transcripts, official or student copy, if the degree is primarily psychological in content but not from a school or department of Psychology


Fees and Dues

Nonrefundable Application Fee.......................$10

(Applies to Regular and Affiliate memberships only)

Yearly Dues:

Regular Membership................$120

Affiliate Membership..................$75

Student Membership.................$10 

A check can be made out to the Association of VI Psychologists. If you are unable to drop off the check to Island Therapy Solutions office in St. Croix, please mail to:

Attn: Dr. Grant

Island Therapy Solutions

5030 Anchor Way, Ste 9

Christiansted, St. Croix 00820


Alternately you can pay by PayPal:  Log in to PayPal and send it to Association of Virgin Islands Psychologists INC or use the email [email protected]